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CIBSE TM44 Assessment

The rules and regulations

The CIBSE TM44 assessment is an energy efficiency assessment of a buildings air conditioning system with a rated output of 12kW or more. This includes systems consisting of individual units with less than 12kW, but combined have an effective rated output of more than 12kW. There cannot be more than five years between each inspection, which must be carried out by an accredited energy assessor.

The inspection is a legal requirement and is designed to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, operating costs and the carbon emissions of air conditioning systems. The operator – the person who controls the technical functionality of the system, usually the owner, office manager or facilities manager – is responsible for ensuring the business obtains an up-to-date TM44 inspection.

The inspection will examine the following:

  • Refrigeration and air moving equipment
  • The system’s controls
  • Documentation to understand the extent of maintenance the system has received
  • The suitability of the size of the system for the cooling loads in the treated spaces

Following the inspection a report will be created by your assessor, which will provide:

  • The likely efficiency of the system
  • Any faults and suggested actions
  • The adequacy of the equipment maintenance
  • The adequacy of the controls and control settings
  • The current size of the system in relation to the cooling load
  • Summary containing key recommendations and improvements

The energy assessor will suggest any improvements that could be made to your existing system to ensure it performs efficiently. For older systems that run on R22 refrigerants – a gas which is now banned by the EU for its harmful global warming effects – the assessor should suggest replacing the system with a modern more efficient system.

Businesses that fail to provide an up-to-date TM44 inspection report when requested by their local authority can face a penalty charge of £300 and further charges of £200 for failure to file a report within seven days. A TM44 inspection report is now required when selling or letting a property, along with other energy efficiency assessments for your building.

Synecore’s Planned Preventative Maintenance Scheme

Synecore’s Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) scheme offers business of all sizes peace-of-mind when it comes to the running and condition of their air conditioning and refrigeration systems. We tailor each package to meet the needs of the business and the size of the system in place, as well as ensuring you remain up-to-date with your building’s TM44 assessment and compliant with FGas regulations. For more information call 0845 241 4953, or email us.

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